Lost Butterflies

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So I attempted to log into my own tumblr acct

found the person sleeping in my bed’s account 
found some stupid blog called ‘volumtouslolitas’
I actually feel like a piece of fucking shit now. thanks.

I’m overworked and overburdened. People’s responses have been to tell me to chill, or relax, and that everything will be fine. 
Guys, losing your job, getting in a car accident, having only enough money to pay back people isn’t ok. =/

as a fat anorexic i would just like to say 


So my boyfriend ballisticanomaly made these for me. :3

How to Become Depressed on Accident

1. Get into a car accident
2. Car accident isn’t your fault, but your car is totaled so fuck you.
3. Not go to work for three days due to accident, work says its ok.
4. Come into work to lose your job for some other bullshit reason.
5. Have no money because fuck me.

My old friend Natasha and I at a Portland/Oregon Lolita Tea and Cake Society last summer. 



The Lost Generation of Japanese Internet Cafe Kids

Japanese internet cafes are good. So good that people are living there – literally. 

Japanese internet cafes (also known as manga cafes) offer comfortable lay-flat chairs. They’re semi-private and have food, showers, free drinks and ice cream, a massive library of books, manga, video games, magazines and movies. They even have internet! 

It’s cheap to stay over night in an internet cafe. Often it’s around 1000~2000 yen ($10-20 USD). 

Some young Japanese live in the cafes for weeks, months or even years. Moving from cafe to cafe each night. 

Most internet cafe kids are engaged in casual employment of some kind. Many find the cafes a convenient alternative to an expensive Tokyo or Osaka apartment. They may also lack the down payment that’s required for an apartment (key money, deposit and agent fees often total 6 months rent). 

Most internet kids aren’t truly homeless. Many could easily live with parents or relatives but find the cafes convenient. 

Manga cafes — unlimited free sugar, video games, movies, manga. Many kids may feel it’s better than home. 

Excuse me while i move here

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